Job Description

YAM Worldwide, owned by GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons, is on the hunt for a full-time IT Support Technician I to join our team of six in assisting our fellow employees across the YAM portfolio of companies.

 When our employees have questions, they contact our Help Desk. We assist swiftly and as awesomely as humanly possible. The Help Desk team work to make YAM staff not live in fear of computer woes. Staff know there’s someone friendly and patient on the other side of the phone: you! Our job is to allow our coworkers do their jobs. We help fix the broken, right the wrong and increase the peace.

 A typical day could include:

  • Answer the call of duty (pick up the phone) and create a ticket on the caller’s behalf. As Support Technician I, you are the first line of solution.
  • Call an employee, remotely jump on their machine, save the day and note how you did it.
  • Shepherd the forgetful toward the light by resetting passwords.
  • Welcome a new hire to the company and walk them through our systems.
  • Deploy a new printer to Scottsdale National Golf Club and set it up on the print server.
  • Walk across the street to Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale to diagnose a Mitel VoIP issue.
  • Receive a stack of monitors from a delivery and enter it in our inventory application.
  • Escalate mind melting tickets to someone with more search engine scouring hours than you.

 Is this you?

You like helping people. You know how frustrating it is to be stuck and empathize. You’re cool as a cucumber and have patience to spare. Getting a user back in action is high-five worthy.

 You enjoy solving computer problems. You find error messages intolerable and will stop at nothing to resolve them. You don’t have all the answers but you know where to look. You know the difference between a workaround and a solution. You want to know the “why” and the “how.”

 You communicate clearly. You’re pleasant on the phone. Your e-mails aren’t spelled like memes and are free of red zigzags. You’re personable and well spoken. Your ticket notes could be confused for Wikihow articles. Maybe you know when to use a semi-colon; maybe not.

 So, how do you get this job?

The IT Support Technician I position is for customer support hotshots with technical experience. It is expected that you are looking to deepen your technical knowledge. In your cover letter, tell us who you are, why you’re awesome and what you believe good customer service is.

Must haves:

  • 1-2 years in a technical helpdesk or client-facing technical support role
  • Basic PC Hardware knowledge and troubleshooting experience

 Bonus points for:

  • A+ Certification or other certifications
  • Relevant college course work
  • Familiarity with ticketing systems
  • Familiarity with Mac and Windows